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City Clerk

  1. Business License Application Inquiry

    This form is intended to be completed by individuals or corporations who are interested in obtaining a City of Rome Business License.... More…


  1. Camper Sign up for Camp Fully Involved RFD 2022

    Camp Fully Involved RFD is a 3 hour fire camp for our local special needs community for ages 10 and up, sponsored by the Rome-Floyd... More…

  2. Fire Report Form

    Request a fire report form

  3. RFD Inspection Form
  1. Fire and Life Safety Education request form
  2. Phase 1 Site Assessment

    Request a Phase 1 Site Assessment for a Property or Parcel

  3. RFD Plan Review Form

Human Resources

  1. Contact Human Resources

    Use this form to contact the Human Resources Department.


  1. Open Call for Georgia's Rome Talent

    Application to be considered for upcoming video and photo projects.

Water & Sewer

  1. Water - Establish Service Request

    Water - Establish Service Request

  2. Water - Stop Service Request

    Water - Stop Service Request

  1. Water - Leak Adjustment Request

    Water - Leak Adjustment Request

  2. Water - Tranfer Service Request

    Water - Transfer Service Request