Roof Repair Program

The Roof Repair Program (RRP) provides roofing services to residential homes in significant need of service. The program does not cover extensive repairs. This opportunity is available for income-eligible individuals and households residing in the City of Rome. The City of Rome staff determines if the household and property are eligible based on the application, other supporting documentation, and inspections.

Additional requirements not stated in these Guidelines may apply and thus, these Guidelines may be amended from time to time by the City of Rome to reflect these changes. 


The Roof Repair Program shall be implemented consistent with the City’s commitment to State and Federal equal opportunity laws. No person shall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity funded in whole or in part with CDBG program funds on the basis of their disability, family status, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, medical condition, ancestry, source of income, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, or other arbitrary discrimination.

The City of Rome will provide reasonable accommodations and/or modifications, or provide language assistance to individuals requesting such assistance to benefit from the services provided by the Roof Repair Program.

Applicant Eligibility

Based on available funding, the City of Rome provides eligible homeowners a grant up to $10,000 for repairs. Applicants can apply for additional home repair assistance after one (1) year; up to two (2) awards in a five-year period. 

 For homeowners to be eligible, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Reside within the city limits of Rome, Georgia.
  • Be at or below 80% of the area median income (HUD’s definition of low income based on verified gross household income and household size -see income chart below).
  • Own and occupy the property as primary residence. Must show proof that the applicant currently resides in the property by providing a utility bill in the applicant’s name. 
  • Be current on property taxes.
  • Be current on mortgage payments or have paid off mortgage.
  • Certify that the property is not being offered for sale and is the primary residence.
  • Have homeowner’s insurance and/or flood insurance (should flood insurance be required).
  • Have owned and resided in the property proposed for rehabilitation for at least 12 months prior to assistance under this program. 

Maximum Income Limit by Household Size

“Low/Mod-Household Income” shall mean all the persons occupying the housing unit whose total income does not exceed 80% of the area median income, adjusted for household size, as established by HUD.

Application Process

Program staff will review complete applications on a first come, first served basis. Staff determines if the household and property are eligible based on the application, other supporting documentation, and inspections. If the applicant does not satisfy the program requirements, staff will send a notice of ineligibility which documents the reasons for the decision. If the applicant is eligible, staff shall arrange for an inspection of the property to determine the eligibility of the scope of work for the property. If a property does not qualify for assistance based on the inspection the homeowner will be notified. 

Roof Repair Program Application 

Roof Repair Program Guidelines

Contractor Eligibility

The City of Rome Community Development Department has established a pre-qualification procedure for contractors and maintains a list of pre-qualified contractors. Contracts for work under the City of Rome’s Exterior Rehabilitation Programs are awarded only to contractors who have been pre-qualified. Any contractor desiring to bid on these projects must meet the requirements with the City of Rome Community Development Department with a completed application and required documents on file. 

The following items are needed to process an application:

All applicants who submit a Contractor Application will be notified in writing of their status in a timely manner. A determination of pre-qualification to participate in the City of Rome’s Rehabilitation Program is good for one year from the date of notice and may be renewed annually. If, in the opinion of the City of Rome Community Development Department, the contractor meets the Program’s standards for qualified contractors, the Contractor’s name will be placed on the Qualified Contractor Register. If approved, you will be contacted by our department staff to provide a bid on the homes that are eligible for our Rehabilitation Program 

Contractor Application (with supporting documents included)

2022 Maximum Income Chart

Household Size Maximum Income (80% of the Area Median)
1 $34,950
2 $39,950
3 $44,950
4 $49,900
5 $53,900
6 $57,900
7 $61,900

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development staff at 706-236-4477 during business hours Monday-Friday.