ECO Greenway

Mount Berry trailRome's popular riverfront system of multi-purpose trails runs through historic Downtown Rome and will soon all link to form one large loop of connected trails. Rome's rivers and surrounding train tracks once served as the main thoroughfare for transportation. Each section of the trail is named for the history of the area; look for interpretive signs along the trail to learn about Rome's history and cultural development. View the trail map to plan your trail experience; see all entry points and amenities located along the trail.

Greenway Distance: 16 miles of trail segments
Greenway Map: ECO Greenway Map
Trailheads: 15 Trailheads provide access to the greenway View more trail information

Mount Berry Trail (Trailhead on ECO Greenway)

Mount Berry trailThis beautiful trail features river views and rolling hillsides along Berry College property. There is no public access from the Berry College Campus.

Trail Distance: 1.8 miles of trail (3.6 round trip)
Trail Map: Mount Berry Trail Map
Trail Head Parking: Coligni Way (Behind Post Office)
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Jackson Hill Trails

jackson hill trail
This system of undulating, unpaved trails is located on historic Jackson Hill just off of Downtown Rome. The trails are perfect for mountain biking and walking. A canopy of trees covers the trail system making it a perfect for warm, sunny days. The area surrounding the trail features civil war outdoor exhibits, Rome Labyrinth and garden and welcome center. 

Trail Distance: 5 miles of interconnected trails
Trail Map: Jackson Hill Trail Map
Trail Head Parking:  Civic Center
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Blossom Hill Trails

Blossom Hill trailLocated close to Jackson Hill, the trail is ideal for walkers and trail runners. If you are mountain biking, this trail is not for beginners due to narrow and challenging undulations in the terrain.

Trail Distance: 2 miles of interconnected trails
Trail Map: Coming soon
Trail Head Parking: Dogwood Drive (park on road shoulder close to intersection of Vaughn Rd. & Dogwood Dr.)
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GE Trails at Garrard Park

Garrard parkThis park is named for Dr. Garrard who purchased the land for an airstrip becoming Rome's first airport. Each loop of the trail is designed for specific skill levels of mountain biking or walking.

Trail Distance: 5 miles of interconnected trails
Trail Map: Garrad Park
Trail Head Parking: GE Parking
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Trail Development

Rome is proud of it's large trail system because it offers a quality of life for our residents and enjoyment for our visitors. Trails, like roadways and mass transit, are key components in a community's transportation system. They provide an alternate means of mobility, which reduces traffic congestion, fossil fuel consumption, noise and air pollution.

Rome and Floyd County have a long history of pedestrian trail development. The Robert F. Redden footbridge was Georgia's first Rails to Trails project in 1976. Since then, miles of pedestrian trails have been added connecting major destinations within the community.

Bicycle and pedestrian trails improve the quality of life for residents in our community. Some of the benefits for Rome and Floyd County residents include:

  • A chance to bike to work or run errands without the worries of traffic
  • Enhance the quality of life, improve the local environment, and provide additional stimuli for the local economy
  • Fostering a more active and healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities
  • Having a bike/pedestrian trail in close proximity
  • A place for families to safely walk and bike
  • A way to better link the community destinations