Safety Trailer


The 35-foot mobile demonstration unit can make appearances at schools, parks, and events around Rome and Floyd County, giving visitors the opportunity to experience emergency conditions in a controlled environment through the unit's special effects.

Visitors receive valuable instruction on various fire and life safety topics. The trailer is equipped with a smoke machine and a heated door to simulate fire conditions that will allow you to practice fire escape procedures.

The trailer is also equipped to:

  • Provide instructions to senior citizens on fire hazards
  • Smoke detectors for the hearing impaired
  • Accommodate visitors with mobility impairments

We train with simulated fire situations that are intense, realistic, and completely safe. Features include digital flames, smoke, heat, and integrated sound effects that simulate emergencies in the home or at the workplace.

Kitchen Fire

The Kitchen Fire Scenario begins as an oven fire and spreads to a pan on top of the stove. If left unchecked, the fire can spread to the trash can next to the stove. Heat and smoke intensify, triggering smoke alarms and requiring the appropriate action of the trainee to call 911, extinguish the flames or evacuate if necessary.

Bedroom Fire Scenario

 The Bedroom Fire Scenario is where we teach how to feel for heat and stop smoke from coming into the room with the heated, smoking door and how to find a second way out with the EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home) map and escape window.

The Severe Weather Package

Life-threatening weather emergencies can occur with little or no notice. The Severe Weather Package teaches critical life-saving steps in a highly realistic training environment.

The trailer features a weather alert program where you view a video that replicates a television broadcast. While watching the "broadcast," a severe weather warning interrupts the program, causing the trailer to simulate a dwelling experiencing a torrential storm, with thunder

Weather simulations incorporate surround-sound effects for hurricane, earthquake, flood, and tornado safety education. The severe weather NOAA Weather Radio warns of severe weather.

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Safety Trailer