Fire Extinguisher Training


The Rome-Floyd County Fire Department presents training using a LION BullsEye™ Fire Extinguisher Training System. This system uses advanced laser technology to simulate the discharge of extinguishers for a clean, safe, and cost-effective training experience. BullsEye™ senses how the user aims/sweeps a laser training extinguisher and adjusts the LED-driven digital flames in response to the trainee's technique.

This process allows trainees to learn how to effectively use a fire extinguisher in places where emergencies may really occur like schools, workplaces, or the home. Training can now take place completely indoors The BullsEye extinguisher uses a conical laser to replicate discharge rather than depending on an actual extinguisher which allows an unlimited number of students, multiple turns with the extinguisher to build muscle memory, and is cost effective. The rechargeable laser extinguisher eliminates the time consuming cleanup and expense associated with using an actual extinguisher. The training simulates class A, B, and C fires at ten difficulty levels.

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